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Our Playgroup is run by a team of experienced, well trained and dedicated staff.


Linda pic

Linda de Carles is our Playgroup Leader and is responsible for red group.

 Linda has Level 4 Qualification in Childcare.

 Linda has worked at the playgroup since 1994 with a short break in 1997 when she had her youngest daughter, she has also worked on the committee and all her children attended the playgroup.


Wendy pic

Wendy Wilkins is our Deputy Playgroup Leader and is responsible for blue group.

 Wendy has Level 3 Qualification in Childcare.

 Wendy started work with the playgroup in 1997 after both her sons, who had attended the playgroup, moved to school.


Deb picDeb Ebbrell is our Assistant Playgroup Leader and is responsible for yellow group.

 Deb has Level 3 Qualification in Childcare.

 Deb had been involved with the playgroup while her daughter attended it and worked on the committee for 2 years before becoming part of the staff in 2011.


Wendy Wilson is our Operations Assistant and is responsible for Playgroup’s administration.

Having spent 20 years in various Supply Chain roles, Wendy took a career break to raise her young children. Now both of her girls are at school, she decided to start back at work part-time.  Wendy has been with us since December 2015.


Linda de Carles is responsible for SEN and Safeguarding Children. All staff attend regular training to keep up to date with current practice and to supplement their knowledge indifferent areas. They also attend Child Protection, First Aid and Food Hygiene training. We also have a volunteer committee, many of whom are local mums, who meet regularly to discuss the running of the Playgroup with staff and parents, fundraising matters and activities. The Chairperson, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer can all be contacted through Stratton Playgroup.